Our Mission

Variety School of Hawaii educates children with learning differences through the use of an individualized multidisciplinary approach so that each child achieves his or her maximum potential.

Our History

In January of 1961 Variety School of Hawaii commenced as the Honolulu Day School at the Church of the Crossroads in Honolulu. The school provided educational services addressing an urgent need for young children diagnosed with a "neurological dysfunction." The diagnosis was later categorized as Specific Learning Disabilities.

In the 1960s children with Specific Learning Disabilites were not understood as we understand them today. Children with average or above average intelligence and diagnosed with a "neurological dysfunction" which limited their participation in the public school system, were sent home with no opportunity to be educated. In 1975 Congress enacted the Education for All Handicapped Children Act, which mandated every State to provide every child a free and appropriate education; regardless of any disability.

In 1967 the school changed its name from Honolulu Day School to Variety Club School for Learning Disabilities. During this time the Variety Club Tent 50 adopted the school and began fundraising to help the school meet its operational expenses. At the time, there were about 138 members making up the Variety Club Tent 50. Members were from television, radio, movies, newspaper and the music industry. The school also expanded from two children to forty children all between the ages of 5-12 years old. With the need for more space the Variety Club School for Learning Disabilities moved to Central Union Church and changed its name to Variety Club School.

In 1974 Carole Kai started her campaign and commitment to fund the Variety Club School. Her efforts became the school's biggest supporter and donor. Proceeds from Carol Kai's Bed Race and the Great Aloha Run benefited the Variety Club School.

In 1976 we moved from Central Union Chuch into a newly built building in the old Fort Ruger area, near Diamond Head. This is our location today. Our new building allowed the school to provide for a greater number of students.

In 1988 the school changed its name to Variety School of Hawaii.

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